Carousel Timeline:

  • 1910: Philadelphia Toboggan Co. (PTC) creates a new, larger, grander carousel (known as PTC#19) for Euclid Beach Park, with 4 rows of horses, 3 inside rows of “jumpers” and an outside row of nearly life size stationary horses and 2 chariots.
  • 1969: Euclid Beach Park closes and the Carousel is sold to Palace Playland in Maine.
  • 1996: Palace Playland is sold.  The Carousel is consigned to an auctioneer who moves the Carousel back to Cleveland. Purchased by The Trust for Public Land, the Carousel is sold to Cleveland Tomorrow.
  • 1998: Cleveland Tomorrow places the Carousel under the stewardship of the Western Reserve Historical Society. WRHS begins restoration of all horses and chariots to the 1910 period.
  • 1999-2000: Restoration of figures is completed.
  • 2004: Cleveland Tomorrow gifts the horses and chariots to WRHS, making WRHS the full and sole owners of the Carousel.
  • 2010: On the 100th Anniversary of the Carousel, WRHS partners with Cleveland’s Euclid Beach Park Carousel Society and Euclid Beach Park Now to return the Carousel to public use.

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